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A lot of work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to painting the pictures I paint. Although most of my current work is done spontaneously and on location there is a lot of work that goes unseen. This work plays a big role in me achieving and moving forward as an artist. So I thought I might share some of this with you.

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Live sketching

Three or four times a week I spend time out drawing people on the street, in cafes or on the subway. This helps me to get familiar with the human form so that when I want to place a person into one of my paintings, I can rely a percentage on my memory. They move so quickly, by the time I even mix a colour, they can have gone.


photo 1-1 A lot of unseen hours/days go into the preparation of canvases and boards. I like to work and experiment with many different surfaces, from raw timber, gesso and the traditional lead white primed boards which can take anything from 1 to 6 months to be ready to work on. I take a lot of time in creating textures. Each has its own use for different subjects.
SketchWalking Figures in motion I need to capture very quickly. Working with a watercolour brush I can capture the gesture of movement and shadow. Where as seated figures allow a little more time for a more detailed study.
SKetchUbahn While waiting for the underground trains I often draw the standing figures. They are never there more than 3 or 4 minutes. However, this is great as it ensures that I get the important information I need down first.
CafeSketch Small concept drawings of potential scenes are done from memory and help me in working out composition problems that might arise when I am painting.
BoatSketch Some conceptual sketches I will work up into larger studio works.
HEads I also do a lot of head studies. They are mostly restricted by time as I do these on the trains where people are very transit. It’s a  lot of fun for me all the same.

LucinanoBarsketch1WB In cafes the people sit longer. This is an opportunity to do little more detailed studies.

10368798_10152507367818410_8378479580238389453_o Preparing and packing for travel trips is a big organization part of my work. I am forever looking and building new devises for making my load more compact and lighter. Carrying wet oil paintings is not the easiest thing to travel with.

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