Plein Air Equiptment

So many years of traveling and painting as a plein air painter have forced me to design many different set ups, Light, Strong, efficient.
This is the my finest design to date. I wish everyone to be able to enjoy the experience of outdoor painting so I’ve put it into small run production.
They have been beautifully hand crafted by a master craftsman a pleasure to paint with and a true piece of art in themselves.



43cm x 25cm x 7cm (17″ x 10″ x 2 &3/4″) Weight –
The design optimizes every space to allow the artist to have everything on hand, all in the one compact sized set up fitting into a standard back pack.


The Palette is deep set in the back side creating a paint well giving space between your artwork when the lid is in a shut position,  while the front edge is set flush for a more comfortable painting experience.


The lid/easel component is fitted with self holding hinges, meaning less fuss, quicker set up and no obtruding parts making for easy packing and travel.


Brush holder/ tool shelf with a magnet point to sit and hold your palette knife. (Box comes in right or left handed versions to prevent obstruction.)


Under pallet storage space for paints, brushes mediums etc.


Custom made heavy duty tripod mount.


Hand crafted and beautifully finished from Australian Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak timbers


*Paints, brushes and tripod not included.

 $550 AUD (plus postage)

Taking orders now!
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